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Tafsir surah Al-Imran

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Surah Ali Imran, is the letter sent down after the Prophet Muhammad emigrated to Medina. Eighty-three verses from him down in connection with the arrival of the tribe of Najran in the year Nine Hegira. Info about that will be described along with commentary mubahalah paragraph in this letter is also about the primacy madaniyah letter, which scaled back after the Prophet Muhammad emigrated, which has been outlined in this letter together with Al-Baqarah.
Ali Imran verse translation 1-4
1. Alif Laam Meem
2. God there is no god but He, the eternal life continues to stand on their own again
3. He lowered the Bible (the Qur'an) unto you with truth, confirming the book that has been scaled back earlier and the Torah, and Gospel.
4. Before (the Qur'an) a guidance for mankind, and he lowered al-Furqan. Surely those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah will get severe punishment, and Allah is Mighty longer have a reply (punishment).
1. About the word "Laam Alif mim" has been in his statement at the beginning of commentators have described the letter "Albaqarah" so there is no point in repeating it.
2. About Tafseer second paragraph, has been described in the commentary section "Alkursi". Has been mentioned also, that the words "Alhaiyul Qaaiyum" is an "el Ismullah Adham" as the name of Allah supreme
spoken by the Prophet.
3. That is, he has lowered the Qur'an to thee, O Muhammad with a true, no doubt and hesitation that he has been scaled back from the side with the knowledge and testimony of the angels, and enough is Allah as a witness. Book is the Qur'an which confirms previous scriptures sent down from heaven and to his servants the prophets. Those books with the Qur'an to justify what is in and proclaim the good news about God's promise news about Muhammad's mission as apostles.
4. And he was God sent down before the Qur'an the book of the Torah to Moses, son of Imran, and the book of the gospel to the Isha, the son of Mary as both a guidance for mankind at the time he dropped
fall.Dan Al-Furqan (the Qur'an) as the separator between straight and false, between right and falsehood, between corruption and honesty like yag in the form suggested by Allah SWT details postulates of light and the signs that gambling and with what is in the set, in show and remind .

Said Qatadah and Arrabi 'ibn Anas that clear in intent Alfurqan word is the Quran and instead of "Torah" as in
a history by Ibn Abi Hatim from Abi Saleh with sanadnya weak.
The meaning of the infidels in this paragraph are those who deny and reject the truth of the revelations of Allah a false manner that will be a heavy punishment on the Day of Judgement. And God is Mighty, the Most Great power will punish those who belie the verses and the violation does not comply with the apostles and prophets of the great and glorious.
Translation of surah Al-Imran verses 5-6
5. Surely to God no one is hidden in the earth and not (also in the sky).
6. He it is Who shapes you in the womb, as in
wills. There is no god but He. What is Mighty, Wise.

5. God told me that he knows everything the unseen, in heaven or on earth, from whom the goods are not hidden for him.
6. He created you in the womb, as
wills , male or female, good or bad or happy rebellious. It was he who created, and He deserves, and Mustahaq in pertuhan, not allied.

This paragraph contains satire and even the assertion that Jesus ibn Maryam was a servant in God created human beings as others, because he was created in the womb in the form of the
wills. How he became the Lord as Christian; opinion of those who, while he was in his mother's belly as changing the word of God:
Meaning: And your mother made you in the belly of the incident after incident in three dark.

translation surah Al-Imran verses 7-9

he which lowers the Book (Al-qur'an) to you. Among them there are Muhkamat, that the contents of the main points of Al-quran and the other (the verses Mutasyabihat). As for those whose hearts are inclined to error, then they follow Mutasyabihat verses from him for libel and the cause for ta'wilnya searched, but no one knows but Allah Ta'wilnya.
And those high knowledge say: We believe in the verses Mutasyabihat. Overall it was from the side of our Lord. "And can not take lessons from him but the people who have sense.
8. They pray: O God Our Thou our hearts to the error after you have guided us, and grant us Mercy from thee, for verily You are Oft gift.
9. "Our Lord, behold, thou shalt gather humans to (accept revenge on) the day that there is no doubt. "Allah does not violate the promise.

7). Allah is telling that in the Qur'an there are verses which are Muhkamat points contents of the Qur'an meaning bright and clear meaning and can be taken over easily. In addition there are the verses that lead to understanding Mutasyabihat less obvious to many people or part of them or sometimes because lafaz and wording gives the sense that the other is less than that on purpose. So
guidance had been who returns what is less bright for him from the verses that Mutasyabihat to muhkamat verses that became the principal and the main contents of the Qur'an.

The commentators disagree about
understanding Muhkamat and Mutasyabihat. Ibn Abbas said according to a history of Ali ibn Abi Talha: The verses that have the force Muhkamat Nasikhah (eraser) and include the following::

Translation: "Say, I read what's in on you by your god forbid, that do not ascribe anything to him.

Reported by Isaac bin Suwaid that Yahya bin Abu Fakhitah ya'mur and discussion about paragraph (Hunna Umm kitabi wa'ukharu mutasyabihat). According to Abu Fahkitah, which in the mean is the beginning-the beginning of the letter, while Yahya bin ya'mur believes that the intent is, commands and prohibitions of the things that fardhu, halal and haram.

Said ibn Jubayr said by history Atha 'bin Dinar in to say "Umm Book" because of what is written in it in all of Scripture (which the Lord sent down). Religion but accept and recognize those verses.

There are opinions that are in Mutasyabihat is meant by the verses that have been Mansukh (deleted) and containing the parable and what should be in the faith but not necessarily in
practice . And there are also opinions that the intent is Mutasyabihat disjointed letters at the opening of the letters. Allah says that those whose hearts are inclined to error and fraud from the right path to a false path always cling to the verses mutasyabihat that allows them to interpret in accordance with the objectives and purposes of their interpretation in accordance with the objectives and purposes they are bad to cause libel and mislead people in a way as if they lean to the Qur'an in the thoughts and opinions of their misguided and false. This has been done by the Christians who try to justify their beliefs about the Prophet Jesus with the postulates of the verses of the Qur'an which reads:

Which means: "The sentence of God which goes to Mary and with the breath of the spirit from him."

Who's the other verses reads:

Translation: "Jesus is nothing but a slave who we gave him favors."

Similarly muhkamat verses strictly explained that isa is a creature of God, his servant and messenger and

they leave. They were-fox change and interprets the verse-aya mutasyabihat that according to his will and as the saying by Muqätil bin Haiyan Haiyan and Assuddi, they want to know the Qur'an, through the things that will happen and the consequences that arise from on these events.

Said: 'A'ishah history by Imam Ahmad:

"Messenger of Allah said after reading the paragraph to-seven this: If you see people bermujadalah about it (the verses mutasyabihat) then those are the people who in God's purpose, then stay away from them.

Also said to 'A'ishah history by AL-Bukhari and Muslim, the Messenger when he read this verse says:

Meaning: If you see people who follow the verses mutasyabihat, stay away from them, because they that's what the purpose of God.

Besides saying 'A'ishah history by Ibn Jarir:

Messenger of Allah said, when \ asked a friend:

Meaning: God has warned you about them, then stay away from them when you see them.

Al-Khawarij sect movement is a slander or the first heresy in the history of Islam. Dissatisfaction with a handful of the Prophet Companions of the division of war ghanimah Hunayn are doing by accusing the Holy Prophet that he would not be fair in the division, so that a man named "Dhul-Khuwishirah" dare to say to him; apply fair that the Prophet said:

Translation: "I have failed and Lost if I did not do justice. Can the inhabitants of earth affairs entrusted to me and not you trust me. "

In this incident recounted that once out of men left the house of Allah, umar Ibn Khalid Ibn Walid Khatthtab or ask permission to the Messenger of Allah to kill him.

Then the Messenger of Allah said:

Translation: "Let him. someday he'll be out countryman those people a people one of you will despise their prayer solatnya on appeal and the appeal
His study in their study. But they came out of religion such as the release of the arrow from his bow. Slay them wherever ye find them. Because available reward is to anyone who killed them.

Understand Khawarij grow and meet its forms as a sect in the khilafiya Hadrat Ali ibn Abi Talib and as a group they fought against the followers of Imam Ali in a place called Annahrawan. Then
is branched of this group Khawarij sects and various ideas like "Alqadariah" "Al Mu'tazilite", Aljami'ah and other heretical sects and according to the word of the Messenger of Allah:

Translation: "Will this race be
is divided seventy three sects all of which go to Hell except one. "Ask his friends: Who is the one that Messenger of Allah?

Prophet replied, "asked the friend who has one, O Messenger of Allah?

Prophet replied, "He is of those in my path and road
my best friend-friend." (History of Al judge).

Ibn Abbas said in relation to the seventh paragraph of this commentary: "There are four types of interpretation: the interpretation that there is no excuse for someone to understand the interpretation that is only known by the arab people because of his accent, which only in the commentary by people who know deep knowledge and interpretation is only known by Allah swt

Said Abi Malik Al 'asari that he heard the Messenger of Allah said:

Translation: "I'm not worried for my people except the three cases: The property that makes them a lot of heart
to envy mutually toward each other and kill each other, and the opening of Al-quran for them so that a believer is easy to interpret and interpret whereas no ta'wilnya but who knows God and the people who deeply grounded in knowledge say: We believe in the verses that Mutasyabihat ", and increase their knowledge and left and did not care."

Said that the Messenger of Allah Ibn Aash said:

Translation: "The Qur'an does not actually scaled back to deny one another (verses contradict each other) then
a charity what you know and believe in the verses that mutasyabih.

The scholars are in-depth knowledge about the Qur'an says, We believe in the verses mutasyabihat, since all the verses muhkamat mutasyabihat or down from the gods, all haq and correctly, one justifying the other and none coming from a different side of God and contradictory, as His Word:

Meaning: Do they not consider the Qur'an was not from Allah, then presumably the Qur'an was not from Allah, they would get much discrepancy in it.

Hence Allah says: "And no one took the lesson unless the people of understanding."

The point is that only people who are sensible and have understood that to think straight, take a lesson and understand the verses according to his purpose.

Abudullah bin Yazid said, according to Ibn Abi Hatim history that the Prophet Ask when he was on about the "scientific fil Arassikhuna" said:

It means: "those who are sincere in his vow, right in his words, straight clean heart and stomach and privates who is included in-depth knowledge.

Said Amir bin Shu'aib (according to Imam Ahmad history) that he heard the Messenger of Allah said when he heard the Messenger of Allah said when he heard he heard people arguing about the verses of the Qur'an:

This means: verily the people perish before you, because such an attitude that they (the verses) to one another, when Allah lowering his book one justifies the other. Therefore, do not deny some of it by justifying some of the other. What you know and say what you do not know give it to who knows.

Said Abu Hurairah (in Musnad Abu Ya'la) that the Messenger of Allah's Messenger

Meaning: Al_qur'an scaled back to seven letters and mujadalah about the Qur'an is kufr. (He said three times). So what you know do not know it back to who knows. "

In the eighth verse Allah informs that people who have deep knowledge and solid knowledge say: Do not turn our hearts from
Your guide and do not make us like those whose hearts are inclined to follow the error verses mutasyabihat and ordain us, walking on a straight path yang sling follow your religion, and grant us mercy from your side that sets our hearts, grant us mercy from your side that sets our hearts, raise our families and increase our faith and belief, really great thou art the giver.

Asma bint Yazid told (by ibn Mardaweh history) that he asked the Messenger when he heard his prayer he read (as mentioned above), O Messenger of Allah is there a heart that could be disturbed? "Messenger of Allah said:

Then I said to him (said Asma continued) "It is not acceptable to me, the Messenger of a prayer that I'll read for myself." Then he said:

Meaning: O Lord the prophet Muhammad, forgive my sins, remove envy me and protect me from these slanders are misleading. "

Said: 'A'ishah (according to Ibn Mardaweh history) "Asking me to the Holy Prophet" How often are you reading this prayer O Allah? He replied:

Meaning: No one's heart but he was in between two fingers of god, if he desired in the hearts iti Establish and if He wills in
His lean, in it. Did not hear the word of God, "O our God, Thou our hearts to the error after you give instructions to us and grant us mercy from thee, because thou mighty real giver.



10) Verily those who disbelieve, their wealth and their children, the least can not reject the (punishment) of God from them. And they are the fuel of hell fire.

11) (Their situation) is as state of the pharaohs and the people before they belied Our verses. So God punished them in their sins caused. And Allah is severe in punishment.


He gave out the tenth paragraph that those people are the fuel of hell and that what they got in the world of possessions and children, nor will have saved them from punishment, and it is a painful adzab as Allah says:

Meaning: (It is) the day that is not useful for people dzalim apology for them and also the poor shelter.

Translation: "So make no possessions and children pulled your heart. Verily Allah intends to (give the property and children) to their torment in the life of the world will be flying their lives while they are disbelievers.

Meaning: Do not ever fall for you freedom to move the infidels in the country. It's just a temporary pleasures, then where they live is hell, and Hell is a place to live at worst. "

Meaning infidel in this tenth paragraph is to deny the revelations of Allah, the Messenger rejected apostles, violating the books contents of his book and not take advantage of the revelation to the prophets. They are the firewood of hell, as He says:

Meaning: "Verily, ye and what ye worship besides Allah is the bait of hell."

Umumul Fadhli said, Abdullah Ibn Abbas (according to Ibn Hatim history) on a morning when we were on Mecca, the Prophet got up from his sleep the night and called three times

Translation: "I've to say, O God? Ibn Umar Kaththab who heard it said: "Already, the day the Prophet."

Then he said to them:

Translation: "Will the issue in Islam to encourage infidelity, her native place and will
is traversed oceans by bringing Islam by the people and will there came a time where people learn the Quran and read them later clever they said proudly : "We have read and informed, then who is he better than us? Are there any good in them?

Ask the friends: "Who are they O Messenger of Allah?" He replied:

Meaning: They are part of you, but they are feed the fires of hell. "

The above hadith in Ibn Mardaweh
a history also by the additional words of Hadrat Umar Answers. Thus reads: It is to say, O Messenger of Allah and thou hast done carefully, seriously and honestly, so be patient. "

You mean the eleventh paragraph is that unbelievers can not please by their wealth and their children, even they will perish and tortured as has been happening on the house of Pharaoh and those before who have rejected the messenger that conveys paragraph Signs of Allah and Hujjah-hujjah truth of their propaganda. And Allah is severe in its punishment and painful adzab, no one is immune from it and not something missing from his power He is Oft-Executors what the want to beat everything, there is no god but He.

Translation: Al-Imran PARAGRAPH LETTER 12-13

12) Say to those who disbelieve: "You will be defeated (in this world) and in the sleigh to hell. And that's the worst place.

13) In fact there has been a sign for you on the two groups, which have been met (to fight). Fighting in the way of Allah and (party), the other pagan eyes saw the head (as if) the Muslim people twice as much as them. With the help of God who strengthens the
his desire. Lo! That there is really a lesson for people who have heart eyesight.


12) God said: Say O Muhammad to those who disbelieve, you will be defeated in the world and on Judgement Day will be on the sleigh and it is very bad place.

Called by Iskaq ibn Muhammad ibn Yasar according to the story 'Uthman ibn Amr ibn Rasululla Qatadah that the return of the Badr war, upon reaching the victory and get what he earned at the Jewish people gather in a place called Medina Children qainuqa market' and he said to them:

Meaning: O ye Jews! islam is you before you pour on top of what has been in
bestows of the Quraish. "Said Jewish people were answering" O Muhammad, you must not have pride in yourself that you can kill some people of Quraish who is stupid not to know God's sake war tactics , if you are against us, will you know that we are the people (which can not be defeated) and that you will not find people like us. "

Then came the above paragraph. In answer to the words Jews who boasted that God said: "It has been there for you, O men of Jewish people who issued the words arrogant signs of their religion glorifies God, His Messenger and help lift the sentence on two groups that met to war. One faction fighting in the way of God and one another faction pagan, is the polytheists of Quraysh in the battle of Badr.

About the meaning of "Yaraunahum mitsadin" while scholars say (according to the history of Ibn Jarir) that on the day of Badr war was the Pagans saw rows of Muslims as if they were twice as many numbers, this is a factor that brings Muslims victory party. In this opinion there is no abstruseness except from one angle, namely that according to the story when the two armies will meet, the idolaters send a scout named Umar bin Saad to gauge the strength of three hundred Muslims just a lot more people. And rightly so in fact, that the Muslim army consisted of only three hundred men a little more, but when the battle began, God gave a thousand reinforcements from the core line of angels and princes-princes.

Surah Ali Imran verse 14-15


14) In a beautiful made in (the view) the human love of what is in full force, namely, women, children, many of the kinds of treasures of gold, silver, horses, cattle and rice fields, life's pleasures in the world and on the return of good is God.

15) Say: "Would I tell you what's better than that?" For people who are devoted (to God) on the side of their god no heaven flowing beneath the rivers, they will abide therein. And there are the wives of the purified and the good pleasure of God, And be the servant of his servants, Seer. "


14) Allah Almighty tells about what he liked and loved by human beings alive in this world of all sorts of fun and delights such as women and children.

Women mentioned first because of the slander, seduction, and the disruption caused by women is more frequent and more powerful, as
spoken Rasulullah Messenger:

Translation: "I did not leave behind a more dangerous libel for men than women on his slander."

As if the purpose of loving and loved woman solely to obtain offspring, then it is a good goal, praised and encouraged, as in many hadith that the Prophet called on Muslims to marry and reproduce offspring and that the best people is a lot of women. Rasulullah said:

Meaning: This world is a pleasure and entertainment and the best entertainment is a good woman (the pious) if she saw it fun, if the command to obey, and if the stay away to keep their wealth and honor him.

And in another narration the Prophet said to them:

It means: "God I love women
make and fragrances and make fun at the time to pray."

'A'ishah said: "There is not anything more in love by the Prophet from among women, except horses." And in another narration reads: "Nothing is more in love by the Prophet of the horses, except women.

Loved and loving children for the purpose reproduce offspring and reproduce the people of Muhammad, who will worship the Almighty God who is praised and in suggest, as word of the Prophet:

Translation: "gracious and merciful marry women who are not infertile, because actually I'm proud
Your numbers a lot of other peoples on the Day of Judgement,"

Loves collecting treasures and have prided themselves sometimes with the purpose and effect cocky and arrogant towards the people weak and poor is despicable behavior. But if their aim is to
spend his in the social enterprise and the virtues or bersilaturrahmi to relatives and such then it is in the praise and recommended by the Shari'a.

Experts disagree about the interpretation of the meaning of the word "Qanathir" (plural "Qinthar") under the section above. There is interpreted by many as the opinion of the property Ad-Dhahak

And others. Some interpret that one qinthar it is a thousand dinars, one thousand one hundred dinars, twelve thousand dinars, forty thousand dinars, sixty thousand dinars, seventy thousand dinars, and some are said to eighty thousand dinars, said Abu Hurairah (according to Imam Ahmad) that the Messenger of Allah PBUH said:

Meaning; "Qinthar were twelve thousand uqiah, each uqiah is more than what is in the heavens and the earth."

This hadith in
a history also by Hammad bin Salamah narrated by Ibn Abu Hurairah and Hathim that Abid Darda 'said: "One thousand two hundred qinthar is uqiah.

Said Abu Darda '(according to Ibn Marwadeh history of history) that the Messenger of Allah said:

It means: "Whoever reads one hundred verses (of the Qur'an) he was not in the record from among those who ghafil (forget-dally) and whoever reads up to one thousand one hundred verses qinthar obtain a reward from Allah. Seqinthar is great for mountain. "

About love horses, there are three ways the goal.

If the purpose of providing for the path of Allah, so if needed at any time to the interests of war, may be in use for as a means of communication and transportation, the love of horses and pets that bring reward. But if their aim is to
pride and arrogance, particularly if it is for the purpose against the people of Islam, then pet the horse to be sin for those who possess it. The third way is the way to love and nurture for in breeded by not forgetting the rights of God in them (ie the One), then the attitude would be a protector for the owner.

LETTER Al-Imran verses 16-17


Sixteenth), namely those who pray: "Our Lord, indeed we have faith, so forgive us our sins and save us from the torment of hell.

17) That the people are patient, the right that remain, who spend and who seek forgiveness at the time begged Sahar.


"God is typical yang pious servants who have been promised a great reward with a few properties, among them: That they always say in their prayers:" Our Lord, we have to believe in you and with your blessings
Shari'a you and forgive our omission run command and save us from hell fire adzab. They apply patience in carrying out and obeying the commandments and prohibitions, and stay away from things that are haram, honest, and true in their words about their faith with what their do the deeds, heavy and difficult. They had low self-esteem and worship with full deep and spend of his wealth to the way of God in the form of worship, silaturrahmi, helping relatives and helping people with disabilities and always on time Sahar before dawn they do seek forgiveness, ask forgiveness of God.

This last sentence in this paragraph seventeenth fadhilahnya signaled there will be people at the time of Sahar
to seek forgiveness before dawn. In profiled Yaqub-son promised his son would do seek forgiveness for them, he did the night before dawn.

Reported by many companions as contained in the saheeh Bukkhari and Muslim Prophet said:

It means: "Allah Almighty is pleased to heaven world every night down at dawn and said:" Who asked for will
I give him, who pray wil
please allow me to seek forgiveness
l his prayer and who will forgive me sins. "

A'ishah said, as
narrated by Addaraguthni that the Prophet to pray witir each beginning tonight, her mid, eventually and always finished in time witirnya Sahar before dawn.

Abdullah ibn Umar narrated that at the time of prayers the night, when it's time he prayed and
to seek forgiveness Sahar until dawn.

Ibrahim ibn al-Khatib told me that his father had never heard a prayer in time of Sahar in one corner of the mosque, saying: "My Lord, I have to obey your commands and Sahar Forgive me at this time" and when the approach of people who pray to it, it turns out he was a friend of Ibn Mas'ud ra

Anas bin Malik said according to Ibn mardaweh history: "We are always in order when praying at night in order to perform Istighfar seventy times in the time before dawn Sahar."



18) God declares that there is no god but He, who uphold justice. The Angel and the knowledgeable people (also stating such). There's no God but He, the Mighty,
very wise
19) Verily the religion (which in allow) at the sight of Allah is Islam, there is no clash of people who have given the Scripture, except after knowledge came to them because of envy (existing) between them. He who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, very fast His reckoning .

20) And if they argue with you (the truth of Islam) say: "I submit to Allah

h and (so did) the people who
follow me. "And say to the people who Ummi: Do you want to convert to Islam?", if they convert to Islam they have actually they instructions. And if they turn back, ye obligation is only to convey (the verses of Allah). And Allah is Seer of His servants will. "

Tafseer of Sura Al-Imran verse Ibn Kathir 21-28


21) Verily those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah and killed the Prophets without right and kill the people who sent men do justice, announce to them that they would receive a painful punishment.

22) They are the people who fall (the reward), a charity-charity in the world and the hereafter.


These two verses of rebuke from God to people
book Expert for the sins and offenses they do. With the revelations of Allah rejected the old and new that already in convey to them by the apostles and the apostles that they arrogant resistant and reluctant to admit the truth and follow it in because of their arrogance. Besides, they've killed, some prophets who had submitted to them the shari'ah of Allah. They have been killed for no reason just because they were invited to the right path. And as a sign of their vanity top, is to kill all those innocent people who do the propaganda and tell people to do justice. That act which marks the peak of arrogance, as word of the Messenger of Allah:

It means: "Pride is the challenge of truth and insult fellow human beings."

Said Abu Ubaidah according to Ibn Abi Hatim history "I asked the Messenger of Allah" Who, O Messenger of Allah the most severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection? "The Prophet replied:

It means: "Among those who kill the prophets or kill people who
amar to ma'ruf and nahi munkar to."

Later in that paragraph read by him at the top and continue his saying that says:

Meaning: "O Abu Ubaidah, Bani israi'l been killed within one hour and forty-three prophets in the day and then rose between them one hundred and seventy men who
amar to ma'ruf nahi munkar to . In all the people killed were all on the same day. So that's what they mean in the word of God. "

Said Abdullah Ibn mas'uud ra: "Children of Israel had killed three hundred prophets in the daytime and in the evening they opened the market abuzz open vegetables. And because of their arrogance towards human
Fellow unwillingness they accept and admit the truth. And by God rewards them with abject life in a painful world and the Hereafter adzab as in the news in this paragraph:


23) Do you not see people who have been given the Book (Torah). They cried out to the Book of Allah, so that the book was set in the law between them, then some darui on them and they always turned back to (the truth).

24) That is because they say: "you will not be in touch by the fire of hell than a few days which can be calculated. "They're
deceived in their religion what they always invent.

25) How is later when we gather in the day (of Judgement) that there is no doubt about this. And in perfected to every soul in return what they do not
commercialize a being persecuted.


The Word of God in the third paragraph of the above opinion of those who deny the Jews and Christians who cling to their scriptures in the Torah and Gospel and so they set Calls for laws that exist in both books is to obey God's command to believe in Muhammad and follow in his footsteps, and they always turn back to God's command. Which is the culmination of the offense and that stubbornness is very disgraceful. And indeed what meeka ventured back to the truth was violated and the recognition of their inventions that they will experience torment of hell just for seven days for every one thousand years according to the calculation of one-day world.

Recognition in the form of self-delusion that they will not be in touch by the fire of hell only a few days, that's what causes them to hold fast to their religion is false, in that Allah sends down information or signs that justify the assumption that they. Because God threatened them by imagining how they were doing later in the day of Judgement, when they collected on the day that is not in doubt that his arrival
He where each person in return for all business.they perfected that lie against Allah, belie the Apostle, killing prophets and the scholars who do amar nahi ma'ruf munkar answer will in turn to accountability and will be on trial as well as the rewards commensurate with his actions on day of assembly (Day of Resurrection).

26) Say: "O Lord who has a kingdom, you give the kingdom to the person who you want and you pull the kingdom of the person you want. You glorified people who you want and you degrade people that you want. You are all virtues in hand. Thou art the Almighty for everything.

27) You enter the night into day and the day you enter into the night. You remove the living from the dead and you remove the dead from the living. And You give sustenance whom you wish without any reckoning.


Allah says in this verse: "Say Muhammad while glorifying your Lord, grateful, surrendered to him, O thou God that thou give and take, what you want to pass and what will not happen.

These verses contain a warning and guidance to people ingratitude towards Allah to His Messenger Muhammad and to his people, is that God has moved and mandate favors prophetic treatise from the Israelites to the Prophet Muhammad a descendant of the Arab tribe of Quraish who Ummi is not good at reading and writing in born in Mecca and that as a messenger sent by God to all mankind and nature On Muhammad God has brought together the good qualities of
jinn also.the previous prophets and even gave specifics which have never given to the prophets before, specificity about the knowledge of God and syari'atnya, knowledge of things unseen, which was then or will come also among the special privileges given by God to Muhammad is in the nature and circumstances expresses some afterlife for him, the spread of Muslims throughout the world and overcoming all religions and religion and the Shari'a syariatnya by Muhammad, to whom God and salamya along shalawat times during the night and day to day alternating qiamat.

The word "Malikul Mulki" means that you are most powerful against all
Your creature do as you please, not something any force that can interfere with your power. He will say reject the minds of people that the Apostle is to be in the select it from the rich and influential.

It means: "And they say:" And say: "Why was the Qur'an revealed to someone bigger than one of these two countries (Mecca and Ta'if) this? Are those who divide the mercy of your Lord? "It means we are the power of our beings, to do what we want without any force that can resist or obstruct. And we have the wisdom and the wisdom hujjah strong in what we create and ordain. So God revealed to the prophetic and apostolic who commanded at will, as in:

It means: "Allah knows where he
place apostolic task.


It means: Let not the believers take disbelievers became guardian to leave the believers. Whoever did so, I will unplug it from the help of Allah except from siast keep myself from something that in fear of them. (And Allah cautions you against punishment. And God only to return.


Allah forbids His servants who make believers infidels carers and friends familiar with a fellow brother who left a fellow believer. God threatened that those who violate this prohibition broken relationship with God because it has deviated from the true path of God as stated in the following paragraph

Meaning: "O believers, do not take my enemy and your enemy become loyal friends that you convey to them (the news of Muhammad)
because compassion, when in fact they have broken the righteousness which comes to thee, they expel the Messenger and the (drive) because ye believe in Allah your Lord if you really pad my way out to fight jihad and seek keridhaanku (do not do so). Confidentially notify you (the news of Muhammad) to them for affection. I know well what you conceal and what ye reveal. And whoever among you who do , lo he stray from the straight path. "

And the verse:

Meaning: O ye who believe, do not take disbelievers became guardian to leave the believers. Would make a real reason for Allah. (For
torture ).